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Whether you're just starting out or growing sales into the millions, learn from some of our most successful BigCommerce merchants

"Our experience and successful launch with BigCommerce is a great example of how like-minded brands can effectively align. Technical barriers were removed and we are able to focus on growing our business while benefiting from BigCommerce's forward-thinking roadmap and steady cadence of new features, which are designed for brands like us."Mark Hopkins, Chief Information Officer, Skullcandy Inc.

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"We get to ride the benefits along with all of the other BigCommerce customers. We save resources and money - 60% reduction in total cost of ownership to be exact - and we're able to focus on selling our product and other revenue-generating initiatives."Kent Ball, Senior Web Operations Specialist, Woolrich

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"We found there were constant updates needed with Magento. Any plugins you had or any kind of apps that you had running, might not work after the update. Then, you'd have to pay untold amounts of money to get those plugins updated, typically after a customer tried to use them and they didn't work, leading to a loss of sales."Andrea Burg, Ecommerce Manager, Savannah Bee Company

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Bigger than you need right now? Start with BigCommerce Essentials.

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